Entranced By a New Light

Dizzy from the motion of the bright light
Wandering through life in constant turmoil
A feeling of wanting to take free flight
As if tightly wound and bound like coil
My core so deeply rooted beyond soil
Like wanting to create one’s own fission
Escaping what now feels like a prison

Never finding again that needed trust
Searching for that flame to ignite my soul
Elusive it appeared so much like lust
Nothing could replace in my heart that hole
Unrequited love has taken its toll
My capacity to love you have robbed
No longer my heart for you shall it throb

As I now seek a different type of light
One of peace, harmony and love of grace
No longer a need of a promise in the night
What matters now is that eternal place
A journey to provide ultimate space
Ascension to that everlasting love
That of the Heaven found only above

Alma De La Cruz © January 31, 2012

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